Poor communication in fatal police shooting of unarmed man

A Florida man’s family sued the city of Port Charlotte and its police chief Wednesday, calling for an i바카라nvestigation into whether Officer Ryan Thompson and his partner used excessive force during the April 4 shooting death of Michael Brown in Missouri.

Thompson shot Brown, an unarmed African-American man, in Ferguson after Brown got out of Thompson’s car armed with a knife, according to the family. He was responding to a report of a black man on foot and had a loaded gun and two-inch shell casings on him.

Attorney Stephen Miller said Thompson fired five times during the altercation with Brown, and two gunshots struck Brown in the left temple and buttocks. The bullet that hit Brown hit the sidewalk behind Brown, where he was lying on the ground with his hands up in what appeared to be pain.

When Miller, a longtime African-American who lives in Port Charlotte and represents several other families, saw an incident video, he identified the officer as Thompson. The family an우리카지노d Miller filed the lawsuit at the end of March. It says Thompson used „unlawful force“ and that he should not have fired in that manner.

The family says they hired an independent lawyer who found that Thompson lied about the event, tha더킹카지노t he should have kept his hands up or he should have reached for Brown’s waistband, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by The Associated Press. They also ask for an investigation into how the officer approached Brown at his waist, and Thompson has not been charged.

The suit also names police chief David Brown and four officers involved, including the officer who fired the fatal shots and the officer who first responded to the shooting, among others. The complaint asks that the city pay compensation for Brown’s family „to avenge his life- and liberty-destroying death.“