Cooper, a professor of Spanish and multicultural and gender studies at Chico State University in California, says she started the press because, as a professor, „it’s a bear to try to get contemporary Cuban literature, especially by women.“ After years of being unable to buy or teach Cuban women’s books in the United States, Dr. Sara Cooper decided to start translating and publishing them herself. The most recent articles are listed in the Current Issue Table of Contents. Early Online articles are added as soon as they are available, so please check back later.

In our study, proportions of infection in women who use oral contraceptives were higher than in those who did not, particularly in Havana, but their effect on carcinogenesis was not evaluated because none of the women in the study had cervical cancer lesions. The effects of smoking on HPV infection have been attributed to the benzopyrene in tobacco smoke, which can modulate the lifecycle of HPV, strengthen the expression of viral oncoprotein mRNA and aid in viral persistence, stimulate carcinogenesis and enhance cancer progression. Cigarette smoking has been related to high viral load values for high-risk HPV, and carcinogens in smoke, synergistically with viral infection, may increase risk of progression to cervical cancer. Although at rates lower than men’s, smoking is relatively frequent among Cuban women.

The purpose there is such a concentrate on abortion when discussing reproductive rights in Cuba is as a result of it is extremely commonly used for household planning. However, different contraceptives are available free of charge through the Cuban healthcare system and are used.

For the past several years, the Cuban public health system has been using rapid chlamydia tests for diagnosis. However, due to the their lack of specificity, false positives occur from cross-reactions with antigens from other micro-organisms, and frequencies of up to 80% have been reported in women with lower abdominal pain.

The difficult process was heard by Cuban civil society and political society. Every day one comes across enunciations that are interestingly far-fetched, misplaced, misinformed, militants against rights, women, and justice.

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Then, approximately 47 women were murdered in crimes described as femicides by Cuba. Fourth, some official media―provincial, essentially―have tried cuban girls to advance these debates in recent years and, on occasion, have succeeded. Now there is much more analysis of gender inequalities in these spaces.

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The signed document contained the necessary information about the research study, including possible benefits and risks. Participants were informed that they could withdraw from the study at any time without penalty or any effect on their care and treatment. Data were saved following the principle of confidentiality and individual identities were not revealed. Sampling was done by a trained clinician, taking the necessary care to minimize risks in accordance with good clinical practice standards. Laboratory methods were chosen according to principles of maximum beneficence and non-maleficence according to good laboratory practice standards.